At the end of the 20th century, African church leaders initiated efforts that fully embraced the Decade of Harvest challenge to evangelize the lost and plant churches. At that time, 2.1 million people from 28 countries worshipped each week in 11,800 churches. African church leaders called for nation-wide prayer vigils and greater evangelism, both within their own nations and in neighboring countries. Unprecedented church growth followed:


50 Countries

83,991 Pastors

18,341,975 Believers

257 Training Centers

79,106 Indigenous Churches


404 Missionaries

When we look across the continent of Africa, we see incredible opportunity and open doors. As Assemblies of God missionaries sent from the USA, we pioneer in areas where the church has not been established, we nurture national churches where the church is in its infancy, and we partner with powerful national churches where growth and maturing has come. Together, we work for an increasingly redeemed Africa. From the Islamic Sahel of the north, to the fertile fields of the south, we are believing that God will allow us to continue to work in his harvest fields for a hope-filled destiny for the African church. Our strong belief is that history has not yet seen the role of the African church fully realized. 


Gregory L. Beggs, Regional Director


You don’t measure yourself by your success but by the unfinished task.
— Loren Triplett, Former AGWM Executive Director


The Big Three - Our Strategic Priorities


Our vision is for every child in Africa to experience the love of Christ and choose to follow Him. The task is big: 40% of Africa is under the age of 15. We need people passionate for Africa’s children and youth to be reached with gospel and discipled, and passionate for national churches to be trained to reach their kids.

Urban Centers

The future of Africa is in its cities. Rapid urbanization creates both unique challenges and unprecedented opportunities as millions relocate from the village. These cities are home to bright, creative minds positioned to lead the African culture. Furthermore, urbanization allows for unprecedented access to unreached people groups from areas difficult to access.

Unreached People Groups

40% of the world lives without access to Christ. Therefore, we commit to take the church where it does not yet exist. LiveDead’s vision is churches planted among unreached people groups through multi-national teams. Whatever our engagement, our goal is churches.


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