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Africa Regional Office
1445 N. Boonville Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802-1894

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It's Who We Are

  As a Region, we are pursuing God together, in the power of the Spirit, for an increasingly redeemed and transformed Africa.


Let’s take some time to define what this means, segment by segment and word by word.  


Pursuing God – This is our identity. We actively and intentionally want to know God, to pursue His glory, and to know His will – both for our lives and for the continent of Africa.


Together – Our lives and ministries are not private matters, especially in Africa. Both our pursuit of God and the carrying out of our ministries is accomplished in partnership with others. These partnerships include our AGWM team, national churches, local believers from diverse denominations, international laborers and our USA constituency.


In the Power of the Spirit –The Spirit helps us in pursuing God and fulfilling our mission to Africa. Relying on the Spirit as our Advocate acknowledges both our human limitations and our dependency on Him to accomplish anything significant on the African continent.  Therefore, we must function daily in the power of the Spirit. The Spirit empowers us to live holy, to proclaim boldly, to minister miraculously, to work harmoniously, and to think insightfuly. It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.


For –This preposition introduces a purpose clause; who we are in our vertical pursuit of God is coupled with our horizontal efforts to impact Africa.


An Increasingly – This effort is ongoing, never ending, progressive, advancing and arduous. It is people moving forward; the adverb modifies both adjectives. The modified and expanded phrase symbolically represents the two arms of God reaching out to Africa to redeem and transform. "An increasingly redeemed Africa" is a phrase with historical significance and precedence. It reaches back to the Decade of Harvest (1990-2000) and recalls the motivation and fruitfulness of that period and represents continuity with our past.


Redeemed – This means, "going and buying back" or "freeing". This action is apostolic and missional; the making of disciples (not just converts) by proclaiming Christ to every unreached people group in order to fulfill the Great Commission. This naturally leads to church planting, making disciples and leadership training. These functions affect the eternal destinies of Africans and thus become our priorities.


Transformed – Radically changed; spiritually, theologically, socially, relationally, and physically.  We seek to transform individuals, people groups, churches, and nations into the image and likeness of Jesus.


Africa – A geographical location, a continent, and more; an ethos, an identity consisting of over 1 billion people, 57 countries, 3700 ethnic groups and possibly up to 3,000 different languages and over 1000 unreached people groups. Africa is where God has called us to love, serve, surrender our lives and to incarnate Jesus. It is where we expand His Kingdom while safeguarding the Spirit-approved aspects of Africa’s cultures and the contexts of the people among whom we live, laugh, weep, pray, give and receive. 

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