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Lose everything, or lose your soul?

February 10, 2016


Lose everything or lose your soul?


Which would you choose? Recently, I was traveling on the East Coast, and wanted to make sure I had enough gas before entering a large city, that was not familiar to me.  I deviated from the highway in search of a gas station. It was a super windy day. I wanted to get the latch set on the gas handle so I could get back into my car, but it was broken,  I stood there pumping the gas, wishing it would go faster.  Before I knew it, the gas tank filled up and started overflowing onto my hand, my leg, into my heels, and onto the ground. The nozzle never clicked off. I walked into the mini-convenient shop in shock. The man behind the glassed-in counter was helping a woman, as another man with his daughter was talking on a phone.  When I explained to the man behind the counter what had happened, he told me to wait and then asked me to show him where the gas was outside. Then he proceeded to hand me a roll of toilet paper to help me clean up, while he watched to make sure no one was stealing from him inside the shop. I explained to him that I needed to wash out my shoe and leg, so that I would not have to drive with the gasoline smell in my car. He rushed inside and told me I could use the "out-of-order" bathroom. The man went back to the counter and never did anything about cleaning up the gas outside. He was more worried about what was happening to the stuff in his shop.  As I shared this story with a  friend, she reminded me of Matthew 16:26:


    "And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul in the process? Is anything worth more than your soul?"  

A lighted match or a cigarette thrown into this puddle, could have been fatal. Lives lost. But the man was more concerned with the things in his shop. How often do we concern ourselves with things in our lives that truly don't matter.  Especially when all the Lord cares about is your soul and the souls of others. Will you give everything you have and everything you are to Him today?

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