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Complete Isolation

January 4, 2017


There are very few things more sobering than walking into a place where there is no access to Christ. Realizing as you walk down the street that every person you see; the children kicking the soccer ball, the ladies selling potatoes in the market or the men sitting under a tree are all being damned to a Christ-less existence. It isn’t because they have rejected him but rather because they have never been given a chance to know him.


I’ll never forget driving into one such village some years ago. The people were hunters and gatherers who lived deep in the African bush. They lived in small grass shelters 200 miles from the nearest town with electricity. They had virtually no possessions and lived a nomadic life. It was as if we had stepped through a time warp going back 2,000 years.


It wasn’t the difficult and primitive conditions that grabbed our hearts. It was the reality that in their village there were no churches, Bibles to read, or Christians to talk to. They were completely isolated from Christ.  That day the Lord dropped a burden in our hearts for people who have no access to the gospel and put us on a path that led us to Africa.


The horrifying reality in sub-Saharan Africa is there are almost 200,000,000 people in 867 tribes living in complete isolation from Jesus. In AGWM Africa we are committed to taking Jesus to them. 


One of the ways we are engaging them is through Live Dead, an initiative focusing on church planting, in teams, among unreached people groups. We currently have 10 teams scattered across Africa. The places are hard to get to and harder to live in. The people are resistant and sometimes hostile to the gospel. Yet Jesus loved them so much that he died on the cross for them. Is there a price too great for us to pay to introduce them to him?


Our greatest need right now is workers. We need people who are willing to immerse themselves in culture, develop friendships and draw people to Jesus through their lives and words. You don’t need to be a pastor - you just need a deep walk with Jesus and a passion to see people discipled. Please pray with us that God would raise up people who are willing to give their lives so that these people may know Christ.

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