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A God who...

February 11, 2017


Planting indigenous churches across Africa is the goal! Along the way you find people, places and stories that captivate you mentally and burden you spiritually. It's often a long process, from hitting the ground to the launch date and often, before a church is planted, we as missionaries find people that keep the fire going!

For instance, if you should find yourself in eastern Ethiopia, you might meet a man named Fathi (pronounce faht • hee). Fathi and his family are Muslim and are very wealthy. Fathi leads the way spiritually and financially for his family. He prays 5 times a day. He gives to the poor. He fasts during Ramadan. He even sacrifices a lamb on Ede Al Adha. Everything he does is for a god who does not hear him. A god who does not see him. He hopes, with each activity, he can buy his way to a better place. Good deeds and spiritual acts in Islam can take you to a better heaven. For Fathi and his family, they hope to have many children who are Muslim, to convert people to Islam and wholistically practice a religion that, for them, is all they know.

Imagine if none of that mattered! Imagine if there was a God who heard you - God who saw you and He didn't care how many times you prayed; how many songs you sang; how many chapters of scripture you recited; or how much you gave for charity! Imagine a God who woefully ignores the actions of a man and cares only about his heart! 

Imagine if you couldn't do enough to qualify for eternal life, but it was still made available because God wanted you to be with Him forever!

This is the God we hope to bring to people like Fathi! Our hope, what keeps us moving, is planting a church so that Fathi may hear of this God who loves him, who sees him, who hears him and, in Fathi's weaknesses, will still accept him into his Kingdom! 

Will you help us reach the Fathis of Africa? Will you join us as we plant churches for an increasingly redeemed and transformed Africa?

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