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Africa is Leading the Way to Urbanization

January 26, 2017


The number one prediction of Global Futurist Dr. James Canton (2015) is that by 2030 Africa will become the next China. Everywhere my research takes me from economist to sociologist the talk always comes back to explosive growth in Africa over the next several decades, in particular
in Africa¹s cities. Megacities are becoming a global trend and Africa is poised to lead the way in the emergence of these masses of humanity.


Without question, such incredible growth and the gathering of multiple millions of people in small geographical areas in short amounts of time create endless problems to consider from security, environmental, and sustainability challenges to economic pressures as more people compete for
jobs and resources.  Those challenges along with perhaps nostalgia for the Africa of the past and maybe even a general discomfort in large population centers could be enough to cause one to stick their head in the sand and pretend it isn¹t happening.  The problem is that it is happening, even if we
ignore it, and the positive thing is that it presents a unique opportunity for the Good News to be proclaimed like never before.  


Is it possible that God could be using the global trend of urbanization to gather the indigenous peoples of Africa for an unprecedented harvest of souls into His Kingdom?
This mass urbanization and economic boom that is coming to Africa is also bringing with it the best and the brightest of the global business world - many of who are coming from unreached and least reached nations.  


Is it possible that God could be using the thriving spiritual environment of Africa along with urbanization and global economic investment to draw people from their homelands to African cities where a globalized community of faith is ready to lead them into the Kingdom also? Actually, the right question is not is it possible.  It is more than possible; it is clearly what God is
up to.  The right question is; will we as a mission be ready to engage urban Africa and ride this wave as the seas of people flow to our cities?  Jesus said to pray to the Lord of the harvest that He would send laborers to the harvest field.  


Will you pray with me that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers to Africa that may have in the past not thought there was a place for them because they were not particularly drawn to the bush, savannah, or village hut?


Will you pray that God would speak to the urban strategist, hip-hop artist, social media specialist, cityscape photographer, Uber riding, city and Jesus loving person who could meet the need in Urban Africa?  


Finally, as a church planting mission, will you pray with me that Jesus would call some top-of-their-game, battle hardened, rock star leaders who will get the city and urban tribe that lives there to come plant churches in Africa¹s Gateway Cities?


For more info on Urban Tribes, check out urbantribes.tv.


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