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When God Told Me I Wasn't Helping

August 3, 2017




Have you ever been moved to tears while scrolling through Facebook? Ever flipped on the news and felt outrage over a headline? This was me for years.


I couldn’t even let people keep me up-to-date on what was going on in the world because I would lose it. Any mention of a fatal accident, injustice, or war and I was going to cry. Sometimes it would eat at me for days, even weeks. That was it. I would just cry.


It wasn’t until I moved to Mozambique that I let God start teaching me about what I had previously seen as one of my biggest weaknesses.


In Mozambique, starvation, sickness, death, tragedy…it was all at my door step; EVERY SINGLE DAY. My soft heart couldn’t escape it and for the first few months, it was overwhelming.


I remember not too long after we moved into our apartment, I was standing in the guest room and looking down into the dump across the road. Tears streamed down my face as I counted all the people that lived there.


 I was standing in my EXTRA room with two EXTRA beds and these people lived in trash.


I was broken.


In that moment—all the pain of the country—all the suffering of my new nation—crashed onto my shoulders.


I hit the floor sobbing and I immediately felt the Lord say, “That doesn’t help anyone”.


I was confused, but I heard him say again, “Crying doesn’t help anyone”.


All of a sudden it was like a light came on. I realized that God had given me a soft heart so he could wield me like a sword. I was supposed to be fighting.


When I hear of suffering, I am to pray.


When I see injustice, I am to war.


Can I weep? Yes—but that weeping should always be coupled with action.


Daniel 11:32b “…but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”


Since I have started doing something about all the evil that is around me, I am no longer debilitated. The enemy wanted me to be a depressed mess, but that’s not who I am.


Satan will always twist and distort the giftings God gives us. It’s our job to recognize this and use it for good. I’m not a weakling. I am a prayer warrior who seeks to see the world as God does.


Satan lies to convince us that the problems we face are bigger than the solutions we carry.


Maybe you need to take action today.


Missionaries need prayer. Can you commit to war with us through prayer?

Missionaries need financial assistance.  Can you partner with us with your finances?

Perhaps God is speaking to join us for a time on the front lines; you are welcome and needed. God can take whatever you offer Him and use for His Kingdom work.  

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