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Dusty Days of Drilling Deeper

September 12, 2017



Grey dust was everywhere for 2 days, when the Africa Oasis team organized a well to be drilled at a church site in Eastern Cape, South Africa.


The church gathered with the drillers to pray for water to be found on the church site.  People who came by had to walk through the dust, including an elderly mama who came with her walker to help the church ladies cook for the drillers.


Steve & the drilling crew wore masks to avoid breathing in the dust.  When it started raining, there was even BIG drops of dust. This part of Africa was experiencing severe drought, which is why we were drilling.  The welcomed rain was very unexpected.

In the dusty rain, when there still was no water from the drilling hole, crucial decisions had to be made on the site to drill deeper, costing more money. 


Because of generous monthly offerings by faithful donors, we knew we had the extra thousands to drill deeper.  Right at the site, Steve took the huge financial risk & agreed with the driller to go deeper. More drilling rods had to be borrowed from a local driller so that the rig could to drill deeper.  

Still there was no guarantee we would hit water.  Again the church people gather to pray that there would be a breakthrough in the drilling & for water to gush out.  

On the last drilling rod, after 100’s of feet of just grey dust, black & white rocks came flying out of the hole,  the drill rig started shuddering & then suddenly out burst the water. 


The well (603 feet) became the deepest well we have ever witnessed being drilled.  Everyone was rejoicing.  Through the long 2 days of dusty rain, it was totally worth it, to leave this community with refreshing water. Since this drilling, the pastor & the church continue to share Jesus with everyone 

who comes for water.


Because faithful people gave offerings,  this village has access to clean water. And because the national church are discipling the people, they have access to the Living Water!



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