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How are You Healed of Sin?

June 2, 2017

Haley Brown is a missionary working among an unreached people group in East Africa.


I have finally gotten Jane to stop calling me "Teacher Hallie", shortened to just "Hallie". I keep telling her...we are friends. You aren't my student, so please just call me by my name. 


Over a recent lunch, she asked me what convince meant. I started to explain and she interrupted. "No, not convince, C-O-N-F-E-S-S." Once I understood, I explained the legal meaning, like if you commit a crime. And then I shared James 5:16 with her. "But Beth, how can you be healed of sin? I know God can heal diseases...but sin? How can that be?" 


We continued to discuss sin and healing, and what we believe Jesus accomplished for us on the cross. Toward the end of our meal, she repeated a phrase I am now accustomed to. "Teacher, you must become a Muslim before you leave, so I can see you in paradise." What struck me was that she said this phrase only one time, half-heartedly, just before we left the restaurant. It was almost like she was checking off an internal "be-a-good-Muslim" box by saying that to me. 


I firmly believe that God desires Jane to come to faith in Ciise Masiix (Jesus the Messiah). And then I believe God desires to use her among her community. She is a powerful woman of influence, peace, compassion, and strength. When I speak it in faith, she comes to Christ, she will be an absolute firecracker for the Kingdom of God in Kenya. 


Her questions continue...about fasting, about prayer, about my relationship with God, about what Christians believe of Jesus. She is hungry.

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