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Prayer Support is Vital

June 9, 2017


I believe God enjoys partnering with people to fulfill His purpose and build His Kingdom. Surely our God, who created the universe, does not need our help to accomplish anything; but amazingly, He chooses to use us. One way God partners with us is by having us support each other in prayer. There were many times while I was in ------------ that I believe God intervened to protect me. Many of these times, I later found out someone had been led by the Holy Spirit to pray for me in a specific way at those particular moments.


At one point, while I was in ----------, our team (that included two local believers) would have a time of devotions every Sunday morning. The Islamic Sabbath is on Friday, and Sunday is a working day. We met for weekly staff meetings in our office on Sunday mornings. This gave us Western Christians the opportunity to meet with two local believers who worked with us without raising suspicion from the outside. Unfortunately, one of them became disgruntled over a financial matter and went to the relevant authorities, telling them of our weekly devotional meetings. In doing so, he accused us of proselytization, which is illegal there.


Fortunately, I had made friends with someone connected to the local government who was among those who had been told of our Sunday meetings. This friend of mine warned me to stop doing whatever we were doing Sunday mornings.


The next week I canceled our meeting and had everyone carry out normal office duties. The police came to the office that morning, abruptly entering, looking around, and leaving quickly. It was obvious they had come for some specific reason. If they had caught us having devotions with nationals, we may have been forced to leave the country at best.


Two years later, a friend of mine who faithfully supported me in prayer while I was in ---------- shared a dream with me they had, prompting them to pray in a specific way for me. To my amazement, as they told me the dream, they described the event of the police entering my office. They had this dream around the time the event actually occurred. I am very grateful to them for supporting me faithfully in prayer and for being able to discern the Holy Spirit.


Prayer support is vital for those on the front lines of the mission field. It is also an amazing opportunity to partner with God in building His Kingdom. I wonder how many times someone’s life or ministry has literally been saved on the field as a direct result of someone’s faithful prayers.

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