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I Love Fruit!

June 16, 2017

God bless mango season! It starts off slow. In some ways it’s kind of a tease. You see them in the market or in small piles on the side of the road. First just a couple here and there, but then they come in full force. When you head to the market, you must navigate yourself past the tables of small electronics, keep going past the clothes (especially the underwear umbrella), past the toys and the wheelbarrows overflowing with flip-flops. When you reach the spices section you know you are almost there. If you can make it all the way to the fruit section your determination is rewarded with mounds of mangos. More mangos than you could ever want or dream of or know what to do with.

While the fruit on this island can be hard to miss, the spiritual fruit can sometimes be hard to find.


Daily we are reminded of the intense spiritual need all around us. Mama Ahmed is one of our best friends. She spends almost every day in our house helping with various things. She adores our children and they love her. She has become part of the family. Yet she doesn’t worship Jesus. Tajdine is an elder in the village. These days he moves slow, walks with a cane, and spends much of his day sitting by the mosque or in the shade hiding from the hot afternoon sun. As his time on earth draws closer and closer to an end, he begins to wonder about the life he has lived and the God he has followed. He wonders what will happen to him when he dies, a day he

fears may not be far away. Yet he doesn’t love Jesus.


On quiet nights, we can hear the chanting on many high-pitched voices breaking through the silence and echoing in our windows. Within 100 yards of our house are two Quranic schools for children. Children enter the little mosque, boys on the right and girls on the left. For an hour, they are taught their local religion, the only religion they are likely to ever follow. From diapers, these kids are programmed against Jesus. None of them know Jesus. The weight of spiritual death and darkness is heavy and takes its toll, but Jesus asks us to cast our burdens on him. As a believer here I am not responsible for Mama Ahmed or Tajdine or the children’s salvation. I save no one. But I do have the

responsibility to share the Good News, to make much of Jesus with my words and my actions.

Someday the Holy Spirit is going to move amongst these people like never before and we are going to see an incredible


harvest. Some day we are going to see fruit unlike anything we could have ever dreamed of. First just a couple here and there, but then in full force. God will build his church! I love living life amongst the unreached, because Jesus loves the unreached.

This is why I came and this is why I remain. Jesus is worthy!

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