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We Are Sent

January 23, 2017



We are sent to plant, nurture, and partner with national churches.


God’s solution for redemption and transformation in the world is the church.  The church is the expression of Christ in communities. It is his agent for bringing healing and wholeness.


Because the church is central to God’s plan of reaching this world it also must be central in our strategy. We believe that the most effective way to reach Africa is through healthy local churches partnering together as a healthy national church.


We want to have an effective, long-term impact on the continent and that will only be accomplished through strong national churches made up of healthy local churches. With the multitude of needs and challenges on the continent there is a temptation to use our resources to meet the needs but that’s not the route to long term effectiveness.  Instead we direct our efforts towards building the capacity of local and national churches to engage their own communities with Jesus.


This takes different strategies for different places. In places where there is no church we pioneer the church. In countries where the church is young we come alongside to nurture and invest in the development of the church. In countries with strong national churches we develop partnerships where together we join forces to reach the world for Christ.


Not only do we accomplish our mission through boots-on-the-ground missionaries but we also develop strategies and ministries that empower our missionaries and churches in the mission. We have several of these types of ministries.


Africa Oasis Project (AOP) is a ministry that helps to provide clean water solutions for desperately needy areas. The water solutions are done in partnership with churches that use it as a means to bring Christ to their communities.


Acts in Africa (AIA) seeks to train and mobilize the church in Africa to become spirit-empowered missions driven churches. 


Africa Tabernacle Evangelism (ATE) partners with local churches to provide a physical churches to congregations that have no place of worship.  Almost 2900 tabernacle structures have been built across the continent.


Across the continent there are plenty of ministries like these – where planting, nurturing, and partnership take place so Africa can be increasingly redeemed and transformed!


We are committed to serving Africa! We will pray, work, give, strive, support, promote, motivate, challenge, partner, inspire, strengthen, encourage, and do everything possible to get the message of the Gospel out.   


Would you do 3 things for us?


  1. We need prayer partners! Every ministry in Africa needs relationship with national churches! There are some areas we need an open door into the country! We need relationship with the national church!

  2. In order for ministries like these to function, they need funds! Many projects across the continent are ready to go, they need the money to be able to put a plan into action. Prayerfully consider, as a New Years resolution giving $5 a month to a new ministry!

  3. Advocate! Often times, people don’t even know these ministries exist! Would you help us get the message out! Make it a point, once a month, to share about what these projects do with your pastor, a friend, your Sunday School?


You can be a blessing to Africa! You can partner with us as we partner with National churches!


For more on our mission: http://www.agwmafrica.org/single-post/2016/12/20/One-River-Two-Shorelines

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