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In July 2001, we boarded the plane for the Southern Africa country of Zambia, our three little children in tow. Emotions were all over the map – excited and afraid all in the same moment, confident of two things – God and call. Our first assignment was to help establish a national youth department. The dynamics of navigating the three separate national churches within the same country taught us valuable lessons we would need for the next step on our missionary journey – Mozambique. In 2007, we began the process of re-opening the field in Mozambique. Because of God’s grace, the mission is moving forward and thriving in Mozambique today. A new missionary team is at work and God is doing an amazing work. We continue to live in and work Mozambique as we serve the church leaders and missionary family of the eight countries that comprise the Southern Africa Area. In Southern Africa there is a wise proverb that bears repeating – “If you want to go fast – go alone.  If you want to go far – go together.” 


In Southern Africa, it has been our great joy to “go together” with our national churches who are increasingly aware of their strategic purpose. Together, we commit our efforts and resources to effect change – constantly aware that lostness is the most tragic of all human conditions and that THE human right, is to hear of Christ’s love. Three of our Southern African countries are Portuguese speaking; Angola, Mozambique and Sao Tome & Principe.  In Portuguese, when bidding farewell we say,  “Estamos juntos…”  It means "We are together."


We are bound together by our mission… Jesus’ great command is simple: take His message and His love – into ALL the world…so that ALL can hear.

For Southern Africa, estamos juntos – we are together!

Lance Hines

Area Director